June 17th, 2020

Thumbs Up

I was making masks to send to the Navaho reservation. They were hit bad by the virus. While purchasing material at JoAnne a lady and I started talking. I told her what I was doing and she bought me 3 yards of material and bias tape. Her name was Tracy. I just wanted to thank her again for her generosity. Also thank you to Diane for the 6 yards you purchased and donated. Between what I bought and what was donated I made 23 aprons and 63 masks.

Thumbs Down

To the people who put their trash into other people’s cans and can’t take their own trash out themselves. Get off your lazy bums and take your own garbage out to the curb. Don’t be rude!

Thumbs Up

Thank you to those who have been patient during these tough times, obeying temporary rules, and being kind to others. Please keep up the good work.