Gift Cards

Gift cards may never earn a distinction as the most sentimental item to give a loved one during the holiday season, but they are surprisingly sought-after. In fact, a survey from the National Retail Federation found that 54 percent of participants identified gift cards as the most-wanted gift of the 2022 holiday season. Chain retailers, small businesses and restaurants are among the many establishments that sell gift cards, so shoppers are bound to find a card to please anyone on their shopping list.

Food / Beverage

The holiday season is a popular time to indulge in some great food and wash it down with a favorite wine or another adult beverage. That makes food and beverages a great holiday gift. Shoppers can take a loved one out to a favorite restaurant, prepare a homemade treat or purchase a favorite dish from a local specialty grocery store or eatery. Pair the food with an appropriate beverage and this accessible last-minute gift idea is sure to be a hit.


Tickets to a movie, sporting event, live theater performance, or concert are another gift idea that likely won't be gobbled up by early bird shoppers. People of all ages enjoy experiences, and a 2022 survey from the travel booking platform GetYourGuide found that 50 percent of survey respondents indicated they would enjoy tickets to a concert or show.


Books make an ideal holiday gift for everyone from young kids to grandparents. Traditional print books are small enough that they can likely arrive on time even if they're purchased just a few days before Christmas. E-book sellers enable gift givers to pick the perfect time to notify loved ones they have received an electronic book. Audiobooks, which can be downloaded to a smartphone or given as a CD, make an ideal gift for loved ones who spend a lot of time behind the wheel.

Consolidate Memories

Technology continues to evolve, which means that the way music, videos and photos are captured and stored is always changing. Unless a person has older gear, it's no longer possible to watch a VHS tape featuring a family member's graduation ceremony or reprint photographs that are on film negatives. However, shoppers can work with a company that will transfer media onto a new format, such as a thumb drive or in a cloud-based account. This can be a heartfelt gift for someone who wants to reminisce.

Safety First When Buying Children Toys this Holiday Season

December is a special time of year for children, millions of whom await the arrival of Santa Claus and the bounty of toys he delivers each year. When buying holiday gifts for youngsters, adults must consider safety. According to the Alliance for Children and Families, approximately 217,000 children are treated at hospital emergency rooms for toy-related injuries each year. Holiday shoppers are urged to stick to age-related recommendations on product packaging and avoid toys that do not contain the ATSM (American Society for Testing and Materials) label.

Outdoor Adventures

Outdoor adventures need not be exclusive to vacations in parts unknown. Holiday shoppers can examine local attractions that will ensure their loved one enjoys an adventurous day close to home. Such experiences are popular, as 43 percent of respondents to the GetYourGuide survey indicated they would most enjoy outdoor activities like skiing, boating or hiking. An adventure with a local company that offers hot air balloon rides or a guided hiking tour through scenic local mountains are just a couple of ways to gift an outdoor experience loved ones won't soon forget.


Experiential gifts related to travel are wildly popular. In fact, 63 percent of respondents to the GetYourGuide survey indicated they would most enjoy surprise travel as a gift, making it the most popular category among participants. Travel-related experiential gifts include everything from airline miles to unique activities at a loved one's eventual destination, such as a parasailing adventure at an island resort.