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Frequently Asked Questions

Who gets Penny Power?

Virtually every address in our approximate 398 sq. mile area (click here for Coverage Map). Penny Power is mailed via U.S. Postal Service to 100% of the homes & businesses in Upper Bucks County, Upper Saucon Township and Lower Saucon Township and surrounding communities. Currently we mail to 61,700 addresses, please click here for our circulation figures by town name. Plus neighboring communities of Souderton and Telford can pick us up at area businesses.


How often is Penny Power published?

Penny Power is published weekly in print and on-line.


How many people read Penny Power

75% of the households who receive Penny Power regularly look through Penny Power. (Source: CVC Audit 2017). Find out more about Penny Power readers by clicking here.


What is the deadline to get an ad into the paper?

Classified ads (text only): Call by Friday week prior to publication by 5pm or email, fax or come in person by 10am Monday. Please click here for the Classified form and more information. Display ads (bordered ads) The deadline is Friday week prior to publication by noon. Please call for details. Early Deadlines due to holidays may apply please call for details.


Who creates the ad?

We can, you can or we can create the ad together. Basic creative design is included in the price of your display advertisement. Our Art Department can add stock art/photos from the art service company we subscribe to or you can supply us with the ad elements you would like to use. Click here for file specifications.


How often do I need to run the ad?

General rule of thumb is to reach as many people as you can, as often as you can with a message that makes the reader want to use your firm versus your competition’s firm. For Sale and Event advertising larger impact with more “Splash” will help emphasis the time urgency of your message. Your Penny Power Account Executive (Yes, you have one) can help you with the details.


Do I have to run my ad to your entire coverage area?

Display advertising in Penny Power is divided into three advertising zones. You can purchase one, two or all three depending on how far your message needs to reach. Classified Ads (Text only) are automatically published in all three zones. Pre-Printed inserts are distributed in the mail routes you select.


How do I compare Penny Power’s price to other print media?

We love this question because it gives us the opportunity to show you how cost- effective Penny Power ads are for your business. Use a simple cost to reach a 1000 addresses formula. (click here other advertising formulas).


Penny Power
2 column by 2” high ad costs $129.40 to reach all 61,700 mailed addresses
$129.40 divided by 61.700 = $2.10 cost per thousand (bonus of Souderton and Telford not included in this number)

Paper B
2 column by 2” high ad costs $100.00 and has 10,000 copies printed (some mailed)
$100.00 divided by 10 = $10.00 cost per thousand

Paper C
2 column by 2” high ad costs $75.00 and has 25,000 copies printed (none mailed)
$75.00 divided by 25 = $3.00 cost per thousand


What size ad do I need?

The size of your advertisement is determined by the amount of information you need to advertise. Your Penny Power Account Executive can help you select the ad size that best suits your needs and budget.